Ein Kochbuch – A new way to structure a recipe

How should a cookbook look like?

Cookbooks are available for any culinary way. Star and TV chefs creating year by year new recipe compositions for the market. But despite this diversity the recipe structure in use is always identical. There is a title, a picture, a list of ingredients and a text – sometimes short, sometimes long. Now there is a different approach to cook according to a recipe.

Cooking is a process. For my bachelor thesis in communication design at the university of applied science in Aachen, Germany I worked on a new recipe structure. The ingredient is the main element in a recipe. Due to individual processing a meal develops. The idea is to separate each step from another. The steps are structured in a flowchart. You work on every step from the top to the bottom to get a tasty meal.
The concept »Ein Kochbuch« / »A cookbook« contains 37 recipes.

The cookbook was published in June 2012. More information are available on www.einkochbuch.com


Bachelor thesis
Prof. Ilka Helmig, Aachen