BX22 – Über Zeitreisen / About time travel

year 2257

The “BX22 – Über Zeitreisen” (BX22 – About Time Travel) magazine is the manifestation of a formal experiment in editorial design. It takes the reader into the year 2257, a time when old printed matter is prohibited, but a handful of people rediscover the long forgotten form of the magazine and use it to report on strictly banned topics. The magazine merges fiction and documentary with real content into a fantastic panorama and a compilation of curious events, experiences and stories by several time travellers, extending from the year of publication into the future up to the year 9600. The unusual format of 9 by 12 cm reflects on the conspiratorial content, which is further emphasised through the photo series of futurist appeal. A typography that allows single words to run across several pages, as well as riddle- and fairytale-like illustrations enhance the unusual concept that undermines the generic notion of a magazine by featuring an uncommon format and covering rather extraordinary content.


Boxhorn magazin project seminar
Prof. Klaus Mohr, Aachen


Sebastian Berns, Ole Gehling, Cuong Le, Markus Lingemann