Ein Kochbuch – Published on the iPad

The iPad app

The App contains 37 recipes as the book. Publishing it to a digital device also gave opportunities to enhance the user experience. If the user likes a recipe he easily can send the ingredients list to his smartphone via email. The user gets a walk trough function which jumps from step to step. When needed a timer gets displayed with the right time preset. If the user gets lost in recipe a little pulsating circle reminds him where he left.

The basic version of the app is for free. It contains 5 recipes. If the user likes the cookbook he can by the whole bundle for 2,39€.

The app was published in July 2012. More information on www.einkochbuch.com

As a publishing event the app was shown on the DMY in Berlin in 2012.

Developed by:

Basecom GmbH & Co. KG, Osnabrück