levvel – concept for a digital game world 2.0


Digital games are a common thing in our daily media consumption. Thats true for young and old people, not only for the “Nerds” or digital natives. Nowadays digital games are easy to learn so everybody can play what ever he likes. The gaming community has no real center where they could gather, the whole scene only takes place on the internet. Compared to a cinema the gaming lounge should provide a geographic center, where gamer could meet, have a chat, play together our get in contact with the latest games or gear. In difference to the cinema there are  more ways to monetize this concept.

Cooperations with companies that are active in this scene, subscription models, gaming events, tournaments or social marketing is only the first wave of ideas for this kind of lounge. The underlying concept is based on gamification, a way to get better customer retention. The gamer should be the protagonist in our digital world. He should feel like he is part of a game and not only develop his gaming skills but also develop social skills.


Identity Building Project, MACD, Pforzheim, Prof. Thomas Gerlach


Florian Jörgensen