HPI – Shirt for Bernd

Who is Bernd and what does Bernd want?

At the Design Thinking Basic Track I worked in a team on a project called „The homeless challenge“. In the three weeks project, we ran through the whole Design Thinking cycle. And here I present a short transcript of our final idea.

Our concept was to help homeless people with the challenges in their daily life. The interviews with homeless people informed us that they need to store their belongings in a safe place where they can access all the time.

We came up with a secure storage solution against theft; a jacket that is hidden under the clothes. Due to the financial and technical restrictions of our target group, we came up with an instruction that would enable helpful people to sew the jackets themselves and give it as a present to a homeless person.

Although this jacket was designed for the homeless people, any person who wants to store their belongings (i.e. Tourists) in a safe place can also easily use it.



Hasso-Plattner-Institut Potsdam