Zattoo Design System

Who is Zattoo?

Zattoo is an online TV streaming platform based in Zurich and Berlin. With Zattoo, TV experience of the user is seamless; no matter if the user wants to watch TV on the phone on the way, with the tablet on the couch or directly on the smart TV.


What did I do?

During my time at Zattoo, I supported design topics from the understanding phase until the final implementation. The challenge was to create and implement a scalable design framework by maintaining the current implementation. For most of the topics, we conducted user tests either at our office or remotely. The topics I would like to point out are:

  • Modular design system
  • The integration of non linear content into the linear start page
  • Video player design
  • Details page design

It was a great pleasure to work with the people at Zattoo!



Zattoo Deutschland GmbH
Design Team: Jeremy Hulette, Janine Panse, Mi Bolits


Modular design system:


On demand integration:
Details page design:
Video player design: